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Again a city and municipality under the Surendranagar District and it was the capital of the State of Surendranagar during the time of the British rule. This is one of the 8 pricely states of the Kathiawar Agency. This place was once ruled by the Jhala Raput Kings and the first soda- ash factory is said to have been the one built here.
Karandeep Mehra
Another reason for choosing Dhrangadhra was its own history. Part of the capital of the Jhala Rajputs, Dhrangadhra has its own share of Havelis and Mahals, especially the Ajit Niwas Mahal. Numerous other old havelis exist, but now have been refashioned into schools and centers. We visited the Jogasar Lake and the Falku River too, and seeing water bodies in the middle of a this dry arid landscape has its own charms! Something we found even when we came across the marshy wetlands and the flocks of birds gathered around the water inside the sanctuary.