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Varun Suchday
Mount Girnar Trek
Varun Suchday
Bhavnath FairGirnar, the mountain that is older than the Himalayas, turns into a gathering place of naga bavas (naked sages) on Mahashivratri. It is believed that Lord Shiva performs tandava, the cosmic dance of destruction on Mt. Girnar during the moonless night of Mahashivratri.
Ananiah Blessing
Borrowed a friend's bike the day before. It is always advisable to start early in the morning around 3:00-4:00 AM. I left for the base around 3:30 AM, reached, parked my ride and started around 4:00 AM after having tea. There are stone steps that are unevenly laid all the way till the end with markings indicating the number of steps at every 1000th step.There are several stalls selling snacks and refreshments. Their rates go up with the altitude though. I had all that I needed, Water 2L, so didn't bother much with these stalls. There are plenty of monkeys here and the more you try to feed them the more of them will surround you - amusing at first, a bit risky later with them jumping and trying to grab stuff from your hands. Watch Out!After 7000 steps, comes the point where there are a couple of Jain temples. This is where 80% people end their trip and head back after praying at the temples. There's a flat surface here where people rest for a while, have refreshments, enjoy the dazzling view of the mountains and then head back, unless they're the other 20% who choose to go till the end.
Saurabh Lahoti
For the awesome views from the Mountain Top and mighty hike.