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A small town and municipality under the Morbi District of Gujarat, this is known as the Small Kashi of India with so many temples. This is a town of the Gujaratai Brahmins and warrior clans. They also have old palaces which they have protected till date. This placxe is perfect to visit if you are a history lover. The main temples of Halvad are the Sharaneshwar temple, Bhavanibhuteshwar Temple, Gaulokeshwar Temple, Shabalwshar Temple, Kashivishwanath Temple, Bajinath Temple and the Dholeshwar Temple.
Karandeep Mehra
Just a little way ahead of Dhrangadhra, is another Jhala Rajput capital – Halwad. A remarkable little town, Halwad is on all of its sides protected or guarded by Shiv Temples! We visited only one – Sharaneshwar as we had taken a bus and were there only for a day. Sharaneshwar was located besides a pond and also had a stepwell. There are 7 temples and perhaps on a later trip to Halwad, I’ll be able to get to all of them and also get to know more about what they do, but for now visiting one was all I had time for! We did not, of course, spend the entire day at the temple, a large part of our day was spent at the Halwad Palace, located on the banks of Samatasar Lake. Its Jharokhas overlooking the water and the expanse of the desert landscape, the palace cuts an impressive figure with its intricate façade cut into the yellow sandstone, virtually the same color as the land it is on, as if it grew out of the earth itself.