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A ruined city, which was once a princely state is a travellers delight. It is very close to the Great Rann of Kutch and the clear starry skies are best enjoyed when you are here. This is also a seat for worship for Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims. This is where Huru Nanak is said to have halted on his way to Mecca and there is built a gurudwara, which is also said to have preserved a number of Nanak's belongings. The bodies of Sufi saints Pir Ghaus Mohammad and Syed Pir Shah are also buried here and beautiful mosques are built here.
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Lakhpat is a historic town situated at kutch district Gujarat,located at the mouth of Kori Creek and remnant of eighteenth century forts.The town is named after Rao Lakh who ruled in Sindh about the middle of thirteenth century and the town is termed as a Ghost town now.When geology shown the naughtiness the marshy Rann separate Indian border from Pakistan and we can have the border view.Where to stay: BhujNearest airport/Railway station: Bhuj
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The town of Lakhpat in Gujarat is yet another almost-ghost-town of India which was a major city that connected Gujarat with Sindh during the reign of some ancient kingdoms and with the Sindhu river flowing through it. Over the years, there were events that included the earthquake that made Sindhu river not flow here anymore and that made the residents move. The partition had quite an effect on this town as well. If you happen to pass by this town make sure you visit here and check out the Lakhpat Fort, the Pir Ghaus Mohammad Tomb and the Lakhpat Gurudwara Sahib.
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1. Lakpath fort:The route to Lakpath was amazingly spread between marshes land as far as eye travels, you can see horses and camels only in 1 hour 30 minutes of journey. we stopped at one point for pictures when we were busy in capturing the beauty around, there came the border petrol vehicle, as you know we are crazy, i asked sai to click picture with vehicle by pointing my finger, that officer was so kind and he stops vehicle and asked me, you wanna take a picture with me, i said yes. come on, everyone was curious and got into the vehicle, clicked pics and had some talk with him, wished him thanks.
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"It used to be the biggest and richest settlements in all of Gujarat" he provided, still sounding hopeful. "There were more than 15,000 people residing inside the forted walls, now only 566 have left. You must visit it now that you're here. I'm sure you'll like it" Hopelessly driven by his curiosity, I decided to give Lakhpat a visit.
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View of the Arabian Sea in the distance. Lunch at Gurudwara