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Late lunch at Hodko

Nandan Dongre
Venture into the village to meet the locals who live in their traditional Bhungas (a mud house constructed on a circular platform), eat their local fare consisting of rotlos (flat bread made of bajra), a spicy veggie and pickle made from garlic and red chillies. The lunch is satisfying, and the spices are complimentary to the dry heat around you; making the meal enjoyable to say the least. The women in the village make and trade traditional Banni-work, selling handicrafts like quills, bedsheets and dresses. The men farm staple food like Bajra and chillies; while farming their cattle as well. Life is tough out here, especially in the heat; and tourism is catching up fast in the villagers as well. The younger generations are getting educated, and also work as guides and have set up small resorts for people visiting the Rann.