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Maha Kali Shakti Pith

A street walk is advisable to cover all the monuments(Around more than 30). A famous Hindu temple - Goddess Kalika temple is situated on the Pavagadh hills( 2,600 ft height). A cable car / rope way facilities are there to reach over the hill. Jain temples are situated at the foot of hills and on the hills too.How to reach:
Vadhish Parikh
In the hills of Panchmahal, there resides Kalika Mata. The Town of pavagadh is 46 km away from Vadodara in the Gujarat state of India.Pavagadh Hill has a total height of 822 meters.The plateau at an altitude of 490meters known as Machi Haveli, the bus services are extended for travellers here.The hilly region around halol provide good scenery and it’s a gateway in the monsoon for people living in Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Dahod, Indore.You can find great trails, beautiful waterfalls during monsoon time.The Mahakali temple draws hundreds of pilgrims every day.The pilgrims travel barefoot from their home to mata’s temple during a pilgrimage, climbing all the steps of the mountain for a sight of maa.The ropeway services are also available now with tickets worth between ₹120-150 advisable from personal experience to buy at last ticket window on your way towards the temple.After the climb to the top of the trail, the feeling when fresh air crash upon your face, clouds passing beside you is just wonderful.The folk tales say that Mahakali assumed the form of a woman and danced in a Garba during Navratri.Now a festival celebrated immensely all over the world with traditional handwork on dresses.