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Mata no Madh

First we travel through Mata No Madh. Ashapura Mata resides in this temple and she is the patron deity of Kutch. Devotees believe that Maa Ashapura listens to your prayers and fulfills vows of pure heart.It is recommended that you witness the evening prayers once you find yourself here.After that we take you to the ruined town of Lakhpat in Kutch.The land which can boast of most beautiful sunrises, sunsets, moonrises and moonsets. Here winds blow through man made borders stressing that nature did not make any exceptions. Here people are beaming with warmth and love. Here you realize how fragile but beautiful human life is. COME ALONG !Also, don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel.
Nipun Parikh
Day 2: Next day morning after breakfast at the guest house we took off towards 'Mata-mo-madh' located some 80 kms from Bhuj. It's the temple of Ashapura mata (mother) - the deity of Kutch and the community Goddess of rulers of Jadeja dynasty. Due to diwali there was a huge queue for worship. We had our free lunch there which is sponsored by the temple to all those who go there to worship.
Satyam Kumar
First we went to "Mata no Madh" . This is a temple mainly dedicated to Ashapura Devi. One of my friend was in Capri, so guard didn't allow him to go inside, so dress yourself accordingly.
Early morning after a wonderful breakfast of mutter Poha and Methi parota at hotel, left to Kutch. Western side of Kutch is dotted with 3 prominent pilgrimage centres Ashapura Mata na Madh, Narayan Sarovar and Koteshwar .Mata na Madh is a highly revered temple of Asha pura Mata, after darshan , we did shopping for bags and jewellery at the local stalls.
Nirbhay Kumar Singh