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Statue of Unity

Surbhi Munat
40kms away from Poicha we reached SOU(main attraction of itinerary). We already booked viewing gallery tickets online from to avoid standing in large queues. Right from 4-5kms away we can see the huge statue.
Trishala Pawar
04. P.M : We reached our final destination 'Statue of Unity' after total 12 hours of journey. On reaching the entry point you have to collect tickets. We bought most basic ticket which was for 150R.S per head (Inducing internal transport fairs) which covers regular entry to 'Statue of Unity', 'Valley of flowers' and 'Sardar sarovar dam' and museum . Ticket for 350 R.S will take you to witness deck view. Ticket for R.S 1000 will provide you VIP entry. (VIP entry will benefit only on crowded days but as of now there is no much need of VIP pass, you can easily reach the statue without hassle).
Sandesh Patkar
The first thing you’ll notice about the statue is how humongous it is!
Anagha Mirgal
Dheeraj Gava
Finally We reached to our destination now dam was just 5 km away from Gora Bridge. On this track you will find another future tourist attraction named "Statue of Unity" which will be world's highest statue of Legendary Man of Indian history Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Like statue of Liberty in NY. This statue is devoted to Unity because Sardar Patel was famous in Indian history for integrate princely states of India after freedom.