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Alpa Mange
I woke up with a very good view in front of me.
From Ahmedabad - Tera village is around 400km away. But you can stayed in Bhuj city which is around 80km from tera village. From Bhuj you can come here and back to the city. In Bhuj itself many places are there to visit which includes museum, fort and palaces.
Tera fort: There are lots of fort in Gujarat and India too. This fort is now in ruin condition. When we visited this fort as we were on visit to Tera Jain temple. Tera Jain temple is more than 300 year old. Tera is small village situated in Abdasa, Kutch. We stayed in the Dharmashala of Tera Jain temple. A small village with basic facilities. So for food and stay you need to go Bhuj city.When we visited Tera fort we just imagine the glory of its in past. The Huge fort is in very bad condition. Not at all maintained. We wish government lookout for it and restoration work done here.