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 Footloose Dev
Once in Zinzuwada, the only way to get to Vachra dada temple is by hitchhiking. If extremely lucky, you may just find a free seat in an auto-riskshaw going that way. But it’s very unlikely to happen.What To See And Do ThereFor one, spotting the sunsets and sunrises. Because for as far as you can see, there’s no obstruction of any life (no trees either) the sun leaves a tinge of Yellowish light across the horizon. Though the White Rann is considered as the best place to capture sun when on horizon, I found sunsets/sunrises in LRK just equally beautiful.Other than the sunsets and the barren crack-land (which, in itself, is quite unusual to see) one can also visit the salt farmers working in the region and explore the process of salt-mashing. Find out how table Salt actually ends up in your kitchen.