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Lotus Mahal Hampi

The queen and her harem enjoying the cool surroundings of lotus mahal and beating the noon heat. Built in bamboo conduits were used to channel water through the walls to cool down the structure.
Srijita Kushwaha
Lotus Mahal, it was used by royal women of Vijayanagar dynasty. The name is given on basis of its architecture and it's look. It's mixture of Indian and Islamic style. Which shows the secular idealogy was present since that time in India. The dome at middle built in such a way that it looks like Lotus bud. Near this mahal there is another mahal called as "Jal Mahal".
Right behind all of this lies the famous Elephants stable. Its humongous! 11 adjacent rooms & all having stylish domes with a huge courtyard in front of it. Lush green well maintained lawn was good to see. The heat was bad and I had a small water bottle which was already empty. I was looking around but a small store which is behind the museum was also closed. The only option I had was to buy a water bottle or coconut water. I chose coconut water and it was very small and not at all enough for me. I thought to myself that I would visit one more site and then head back to the hotel for lunch.
3. Kamal Mahal and Elephant Stable:A two storey building which resembles the structure of Lotus and was basically constructed for the Royal women of Vijayanagara Dynasty.