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Narasimha Temple

Srijita Kushwaha
Avinash Patra
Next you head to UgraNarasimha statue and Badavlinga. UgraNarasimha is the biggest idol in Hampi. The Badavlinga is made of black stone and its always in water since a canal passes through this temple.
Another main attraction is at just 2 min walk distance where Badava linga and Ugra Narsimha Statues are present. If you visit early in morning then you will find priest performing aarti at this temple and you can offer flowers.
Krishna temple is epic to just look at it and spend the afternoon knowing about it. I decide to go with the book and just listen to everything Viru says. After Krishna temple we went to Laxmi Narasimha aka Ugra Narasimha and the Badavi Shiva Linga next to it.
Shilpa Shashidhar
Urga Narasimha Statue – Carved out of a single block of stone. You can see in the picture below how the statue was vandalized by the Mughal rulers. The limbs are broken. The statue of Lakshmi sitting on the slab and resting on his lap was also seperated from the main statue.