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Anjaneya Hill

Sunodh RadhaSrinu
Monkey Temple) To reach top you have to trek 575 steps and the scenery from the top is well worth the climb
Damini Aggarwal
Be prepared to climb more than 500 steps but once you reach the top, the view would be worth it. There's also a floating stone or 'ramsetu' that was used to build the bridge for Lanka.Do not carry eatables in your hand as monkeys can be mischievous.
Manasa Seshadri
Our first stop was the Anjanadevi Hill where as legend has it, Anjana Devi prayed for a 1000 years before she was was blessed with Hanuman. Getting to the top was no mean feat but we made it. And the sprawling landscape was a serious sight to behold with rocky hills as far as the eye could see, with paddy fields and sugar cane crops interjecting, and the Tungabhadra slowly winding its way eastward through the terrain.
Mehak Mahanoori
Anjaneya Hill: Once we crossed the river, we reached the other side where we have most of the guest houses that provide huts for visitors. And its on this side, you get bikes on rent. We rented a bike and moved to Anjaneya Hill. This place is believed to be the birth place of Hanuman. You can get take the bikes only to the foothill, from there one has to climb the hill. The way to the hilltop is stepped. Has not been modified even a little bit. It’s quite a climb. Can be a little tiring, but the stunning view down would soothe you as you go up the hill. There are no shops at the top. So bring water, snacks etc. from the base. There are a few small stalls down selling drinks and snacks. P.S. Beware of the monkeys!