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Hanuman Temple

High Happy Hippie
Take the traditional boat ride in Hampi.
Rakesh Malik
We started with The Hanuman Temple. There were 575 stairs to climb. We were too full with breakfast for that, had hard time. There was a nice view from top. The weird shaped hills looked like some giant heap of pebbles from there with no trees or bushes on them. The whole place was full of monkeys.
Lalitha Chinmayee
The island has a handful of places for sightseeing and we kickstarted ours with the Hanuman temple. It's a temple located on a hill where lord hanuman is said to be born and took around 20 minute ride from our guest house (Route Courtesy : our very own Google maps :D). A good short hike of 500 odd steps led us to the temple. The temple premises offers splendid views of the paddy fields and villages located near the foothill.
asif shaikh
Visited other side of the river, cycled there to visit monkey hill(Hanuman temple_known for the birthplace of Hanuman). Walked through farms and enjoyed the moment at my pace at leisure.Some additional information:1. I have visited during holi and never knew holiday would be so much fun there. I had a blast (not literally :P). But dancing on the tunes of the local dhol was something.2. I found gopi restaurant better than the famous mango restaurant. Try butter milk and papad there.3. I stayed at lakshmi heritage guest house (A.C room, must during summers)4. Bargain as much as you can. Even before reaching Hampi (:D) from Hospete station. Auto charges 200 inr from Hospete.5. Wear light,carry light,carry a water bottle.6. Minimum stay should be for 2 nights.7. Respect the locals. They help you in every sense. I became a fan of their hospitality.8. Photographs don't do justice to the place. It is much better if you visit it in person.9. Don't worry be Hampi :DPlease do comment and follow,if you like my trip and also I will be visiting more places this year.
Liya Louise
We ended the day with a chicken thali from one of the restaurant from 'other side of the river'.Also we opted for auto rickshaw to visit places this time, since the distance between the places is so far and we were little bit tired from the previous day (very little :) ) .So we decided to visit the most important place to which is the Vittala temple. We took a coracle from Hampi and reached Vittala.And there were some amazing views on that journey.We decided to walk back to Hampi Bazaar and see some of the places we missed on our first day.We reached our stay and checked out by evening, but our train from Hospet was at 9PM, so we spent lots of time there in mango tree restaurant and took maximum use of indian style seatings :).so our three journey came to an end, but the memories and experience I am going to carry on my heart for a life long.PS: I always thought why the travellers not giving us a step to step details ...and after writing my experience (first time writing it down,bcz of tripoto) I know why... drears, it is difficult to put down everything what we done and seen in this pages... go out and experience it, travel writing can only encourage you but the real experience is something else.