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Brahma Sarovar Area

Hitendra Gupta
हवाई जहाज सेकुरुक्षेत्र का निकटतम एयरपोर्ट दिल्ली और चंडीगढ़ हैं। यहां से आप सड़क या रेल मार्ग से कुरुक्षेत्र पहुंच सकते हैं।#TalesOfHitendra #Hitendrawrites #MyFriendAlexa
Disha Kapkoti
2. Brahma Sarovar, ThanesarThere's a certain enigma to this hidden spot, at a short 3 hour distance from Delhi, owing to its presence in the Hindu mythology. Brahma Sarovar is said to be the cradle of civilization since it is believed that Kurukshetra is where Brahma created the universe. The lake presents a breathtaking view of deep daan (ceremony of floating lamps) at night which must not be missed.