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Rajat Kumar
Madhogarh village and the people We reached Madhogarh village in just half an hour. We had to face the problem of parking. So, the other guy with me, Amit, managed to find some known in the village and we parked the scooty in his home. People were staring at us because we both were talking in English. A guy from the same house offered us help and became our guide. Historical Background of Madhogarh Fort, Madhogarh Madhogarh Fort, Madhogarh is among few left hilltop forts in Haryana. The fort is situated in Madhogarh village of Mahendergarh district. There is a hill in the village and the fort is located at the top of the hill, which belongs to Aravalli Mountain Range. The geographical coordinates of this place are 28°17′52″N 76°1′59″E. It is said that the fort was built by Madho Singh I in the first half of 18th century. The fort is built as per Hindu architectural style. Looking at the pages of history, a Shekhawat Rajput, Rao Shekkha founded Shekhawati and divided it into 33 Pargana also known as Thikana. And Madhogarh Thikana was among them. Madho Singh I handed over this place to Balwant Singh. During 1755, Maratha Empire took it from Rajputs. Khande Rao Holkar was the Maharaja of Indore at that time and he attacked Ismail Beg who was the chieftain of Mughals that time. Beg fled to Madhogarh and set up a post around Madhogarh Fort. On 16th February 1792, Khande Rao Holkar captured this fort. Beg again escaped but Holkar captured him from Kanud and sent him in prison at Agra Fort where he died in 1794. Mahadaji Shinde of Gwalior captured Rania, Fatehabad and Sirsa and that’s how Maratha captured Haryana state. (Sources: Wikipedia).