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Heritage Transport Museum

History and heritage have always been of my prime interest since childhood. Delhi gave me loads of opportunities to discover the rich heritage of Indian History through the magnificent monuments and preserved artifacts. This time it was Heritage Transport Museum where I witnessed the grandeur of mediums of transport that has evolved across centuries. Being one of its kind and the only transport museum of India, you cannot give it a miss. Bring this on your do-do list in NCR and tick it off your bucket list like I did.
Mithun Malakar
A complete package of Indian transport History. The idea of this museum is the brainchild of Mr. Tarun Thakral. The love for cars pushed Mr. Thakral to start his own collection back in 1994. This was not an easy task as most of the vintage cars were either rusting under some shed or inside a royal palace. But when there is passion no goal is far. After some time he laid the foundation of heritage transport trust in 2006 aiming to build the first transport museum. With some help from private investors and collectors, finally, in 2013 his dream came true by establishing the 1st transport museum of India.
If you love cars, this is the best place for you :)