Usual Thursday evening, as clock read 6:45 pm , I returned from the office with a single most important agenda on my mind – to find a nice weekend getaway immediately . I straightaway switched on the Laptop, searched the web for best places to visit near my township and after few thoughts,zeroed in the Neemrana Fort Palace . As I proceeded with the bookings, my excitement met a road block as Neemrana Fort Palace was jam packed for Saturday night and despite my every effort to find an inventory on any of the travel portal , I failed to find a vacant room for Saturday night. While it was disappointing but at the same time , my excitement grew further to visit the destination which gets overbooked so early.But such is the addiction that I and my family has for travel that after lots of permutations & combinations , backed by discussions with Nishtha,my wife , we decided to extend our weekend a little by applying leave for Monday to make sure that visit to Neemrana is not postponed .Hence , Sunday night stay booked !!