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Shettihalli Church

Karnataka is one of the states that is of rich history and historical places in India. But, in the midst of its palaces and temples, this 200 year old Gothic ruin at the banks of river Hemavathi is slowly entering the tourist circuit of the curious traveller. The dam on the river submerges the monument every monsoon and it only re- emerges when the water resides in the summer. Built by French missionaries in the late 1800’s, this is a must-go because of its vulnerability. As the waters engulf it year by year, the monument loses/damages some bits of itself. Clearly, the sooner you go the better!Entry fee: Free for allOpening hours: Dawn to duskBest time to visit: All year as when the water recedes, you can see the church in all its glory but the submerged church has an altogether different charm to it.Nearest railway station: Hassan railway station is the nearest, located around 125km away from the church.
Anoop Pillai
Shettihalli ChurchWith time crossing 4 pm in the evening, I was sure that Manjarabad Fort was out of reach if I had to make it back by at least 11 pm. I couldn't miss Shettihalli Church because I wanted to see the ruins on the shore of the river. Also being rainy season, I expected water logging in and around the ruins of the church. But that didn't happen. But I'm not too disappointed. Just that this will be my excuse to visit next time. :)
Karim S A
Shettihalli is in Hassan District and 744 kilometers away from Hyderabad. I thought of going there, but didn't wanted to go either in the bus or train, which I got so bored off. Then a thought struck me, how about some Gusto moments on my Mahindra Gusto, I thought. But I was wondering if I could make it to this place on my Gusto, one because of the distance and second because the usual bike riders who traverse the length and breadth of the country prefer either Royal Enfield or Bajaj Avenger for long road trips. Mine was not such a Mean Machine to boost off, and will it endure the distance without any technical glitch.But I had made up my mind and I didn't technically consult my Gusto if it was ready for this rendezvous with the wind on the Hyderabad Bangalore Highway. Well, let's see. Why cross the bridge before it comes.What could at worse happen? A flat tyre? A clutch or a break issue? Or complete breakdown? Either way, I would be on the Highway and help would always be a wave away with any truck stopping and loading my Gusto to the safe portals of a mechanic a few miles away. So why worry even before I venture out.But it is always better to leave perceptions at home, or else you would be confounded with confusion of your own thoughts conflicting with your thoughts. Come what may, just go!It's monsoon now, I would want to see the Shettihalli Rosary Church submerged. I had seen some kannada songs picturized here and since then the itch to see it was itching me.Going back on time, I remember how I went to Anantapur from Kurnool on my Bajaj Super, the King of two wheelers then. Both these places lay at a distance of 150 kilometers.If Bajaj can, so can my Gusto. That was my confidence.The road from Hyderabad to Bangalore is perfect for road trips, especially bike trips. Two major towns, Kurnool and Anantapur can be halted at, to fill both your tummy and also fill fuel into your machines.
Ruins are always fascinating for me, its like story teller. If you look these ruins, you will amaze how these beautiful structure ruined, what was the reason behind, how beautiful it was before ruined or how beautiful it would have been if not ruined. All these kind of ruins always have a mysterious charm.The walls of ruins might have seen many generation, knows many stories and wonder how much this world change.Rosary Church in Shettihalli is one such ruin. This Gothic looking church is now turned into eerie ruins. Church was built about 200 years ago on the banks of Hemavathi River near Shettihalli village, Hassan. In 1960 Govt decided to built a dam to channelize the river for irrigation and in process Govt had to relocate many villages including Shettihalli. While the villages relocated this church stands still and gets submerged as the waters in the reservoir rise during the rainy season every year during mansoon.
Abhinav Gupta
Another not so touristy place is the Shettihally church. This is on the other side of town. After taking a settle from the main highway, the drive of 15 km through the interior is itself worth it. The church is half submerged in water due to dam construction giving a panorama view of the river. This is a perfect sunset spot to end the day.
Chaitra Nayak