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Eve Ha
Day 2 - I took a 30-minutes train ride from Nordhavn Station to Hillerød Station. When I was walking past the town centre to get to Frederiksborg Castle, I was absolutely stunned by the magnificent view of Frederiksborg Castle across the lake. This Renaissance castle was built in the first decades of 17th century by the legendary Danish King Christian IV. Since 1878, the castle has housed The Museum of National History. The entrance fee is 75DKK (~15AUD) that lasts for the whole day. I was told that the development of Denmark from the Middle Ages to 21st century was beautifully displayed in many beautiful rooms in the castle. However, I was never a fan of museums and being tight on budget, I decided to take a stroll along the town centre and treat myself to a good brunch instead. I would say that "serenity" is the perfect word to conclude Hillerød.