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One of the most popular places to visit in Dalhpusie, Panchpula is marked with the greenery of pine and deodar trees and the sounds of the Satdhara Falls. The water of the falls are said to be therapeutic along with those of the springs out here. The reason is that there are a number of medicinal herbs growing in this area and these continuously get soaked in the waters of the springs and the falls. This place is also one of the most visited places in Himachal Pradesh and is perfect for the best picnic experience. The memorial monument built here for the brave Sardar Ajit Singh is another attraction. This place is also a starting point for a number of trekks. The restaurant closeby is made especially for tourists who come here. Due to so much water here, Panchpula also serves as one of the main sources of drinking water of the region.
Drive down to PunchpulaIf you're up for some adventure, drive down to Punchpula and experience zip lining. It costs Rs. 200 Per person
Saransh Gupta
We were all pumped up for our first destination- Panchpula, famous for 5 water streams meeting at a hill which was 3-4 km drive. Go till the end point, parking is free here. Its a short trek of half a kilometer, check out the cafes where we had bhajjias and masala chai. Small showpiece and decorative items can be shopped. Lots of fun activities for children below age 12 can be done. I enjoyed Burma-bridge and Zipline (Rs. 200) One can get photos with cute rabbits for bare price of Rs. 20. Its just about experiences which counts + the quality time you spend. Satdhara falls are also nearby but are visible after monsoon only. Its perfect for a 2 hour stay.
Neha Manavi
As the name suggests Panchpula is the 5 bridges over the streams. It's a good picnic spot for local people over there with good view of waterfall but still not that properly maintained.
Siddharth Goyal
The next day in the morning was pleasant, I could feel the breeze on me, it felt so nice. We woke up early and started strolling to Panchpulla, a divine place to be at with lush green environment.This pic will give you an idea of the surroundings there.After reaching to the top, had Maggie (which you will find at most places on any Hill Station), Sandwich & Cup of Tea for breakfast.
Kushendra Tiwary
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