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Itsukushima Shrine 厳島神社

Sumedha Bharpilania
The 12th Century Shinto Shrine of Itsukushima, located on the Miyajima Island in Japan is a rather unique architectural delight. A monumental amalgamation of manmade and natural elements, the shrine complex is a cluster of seventeen wooden structures built like a pier over water. With the Seto Inland Sea and the forests of Mount Misen acting like the most sublime background you will ever witness, this temple has been rightly deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While spirituality seems to be all-pervading, this Kiyomori Taira construction also plays host to cherry blossoms to embellish its scenic glamour. The colossal vermillion 'Floating Torii' stands as the most graceful gateway to the shrine and welcomes travellers looking for inner peace with open arms.