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Shaam E Sarhad Village Resort

We explored the village and were advised to stay at the Shaam-e-sarhad resort that falls in the outskirts of the village. Shaam-e-sarhad stands out as an oasis of vibrancy in the midst of the deserts and marshes of Kutch. The same circular mud houses that populate the heart of Hodka village are built within the property. Traditionally called ‘bhunga’ huts, their mud walls keep the interiors cool even at the peak of summer. The exterior is decorated with paintings and traditional mirror work. Inside, you will find extremely neat and comfortable sleeping arrangements and attached bathrooms with running water and your choice of hot and cold. Between the bhungas and the tents at the resort, it doesn't take long for one to start feeling like you’ve become a part of a travelling caravan!
Prachi Jain
After reaching Dhordo we had decided to skip the tents at Rann Utsav and instead planned on staying at Shaam-e-Sarhad Resort in Hodka village fully managed by the village people. We checked in our Bhunga only to experience the wooden roof contrasted pretty well with the colourful bathroom door, the looking mirror outlined with mud work, the beautiful windows and exquisite décor perfectly blending with the theme of the resort. The open lunch area covered on to the top with colourful kites was such a beautiful site then we forgot to take the bite and rather were lost into the beauty of it. The lunch served at the resort was no less than ghar ka khana with roti, dak, moong, chutney and salads. Eat light, pack light and travel light to experience the most ;)
Soma Majumdar
....tents selling local handicraft fare.....
Soma Majumdar
......with doors and windows...
Soma Majumdar
We were never posted to Gujarat in all of my husbands tenure. So we decided to go to Gujarat. and what better time than in February to visit Rann of Kutch during festival time...but true to our nomadic soul...we wanted an experience....not just a we decided to stay in tents and do it the Banjara Shaam e Sarhad.....come with me....