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September to April
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Hogenakkal Waterfalls

Hogenakkal Falls is located on the Kaveri River. It is situated in Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu. It is at a distance of 180 km from Bangalore. It is also known as the Niagara Falls of India. Hogenakkal Falls in Tamil Nadu is famous for boating which makes it one of the major tourist attractions of the state. Tourists also enjoy taking a bath under the waterfall. Carbonatite Rocks, which are found around this waterfall, are among the oldest kinds of rocks in the world. Best time to visit Hogenakkal Falls is from September to April. As soon as monsoon is over, Hogenakkal Falls witnesses a great boom in tourism. Monsoon showers wash away the dust and dryness of the surroundings. Lush green trees grow across the region. Post monsoon, tourists can find beautiful views of the falls and the nearby areas.
Hogenakkal, Tamil NaduBetween Chamarajapuram district of Karnataka and Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu, the Cauvery river forms a natural border and flows calmly for a while before it plunges into a lengthy gorge from all sides. The gorge is in the village of Hogenakkal in Tamil Nadu. While the plunge is violent during monsoon, it softens during the winter and summer months, allowing you to take a coracle ride along the length of the gorge while the river streams in from all the sides.
gouri basak
We started our car after breakfast around 7:30 and packed some food and water with us. The road is very smooth via hosur road to Dharmapuri,Tamil Nadu. The kannada word hoge means rock and kal means Smoke.When water flows and hitting on rocks,it is making mist all around which look like smoke.The place is very rocky and slipary ,water is falling from top hills to deep down and creates a river .There are Coracle rides, boating rides and many water sports is available, by which you can enjoy the mist of waterfalls when you roaming around near to falls.The coracle ride you can enjoy more than 45 mins include ride on river, feelings thrilled when you near and just under the falls, then they will take you to a island, where you can enjoy sometime with beauty of nature.The area cover with black rock plus green hills and in between a river is flowing.The view is very spectacular,it gives cooling effect to our eyes.This waterfalls is called Naigara of India, bathing on this river has a medicinal benefits as per Historical point of view.
Purvesh Jain
Hello ALL!!So after loooong lasting research you finalized on Hogenakkal falls for your next get away, great..!Well we were planning for a bike trip since a long time and finally visited Hogenakkal falls as per reviews and suggestions from friends..There are many pages which gives fair idea of distance/location/charges etc.. So I won't talk much about it.I thought to share a few tips from our experience -
Craftee Monk
A break from the old job and a festive mood at the end of the year, and there you go - Plans for a road trip.This trip took a lot of effort to plan since half my set of friends had gone back home and the rest were vegetating here in Bangalore. Also the fact that, on the D Day we had more people than what my car could carry. So the 6 of us decided to take a bigger car, which belonged to one of the friends and started off. Hogenakkal Falls is approximately 130 kms away from Bangalore. You can choose to go through the MDR 588 route or the NH 44 (This is a slightly longer route). Starting off at 9:30 am, the ETA was 12:30 PM. Our need for adventure, food and much more led us to reach by 4 PM. Yes, 4 PM! Nevertheless, excited to enjoy whatever time we could, we found a few boatmen who could ferry us in the river ( More like they found us and followed us for 3 kms, helped us park our car and then offer to ferry us). The Boat or Vanji as is it is called is a round circular floating object, which can hold upto 4 people excluding the boatman. The charge was Rs 750 per boat. We took 2 and split into groups of 3. After waiting in a queue for the boat to be floated, we all took seats. Everybody had to sit at the periphery of the boat and equally spaced to balance the boat.It was going to be an hour long ride, and from the time we got in, we did not want to get out. Glad we had reached late and did not have to bear the hot sun in the afternoon, we captured the falls and rocks in their natural glory. I was really excited to see “Business in a boat”, where men and women had made stalls on their Vanji and floating around the river to offer food and drinks to the tourists. There were fishermen (and women!) who were fishing and served hot fried fish across the boats. Who could say no to that?Anyway, the highlight would have to be the waterfall, or small waterfalls since this time of the year is way beyond the rainy season. The boatman rotated the boats so that we could get under the waterfall. It was refreshing, a mini shower under the waterfall :P We spent some more time rotating on the boats and moving around the river. While getting back to the edge, there was a queue for a good 15 minutes. Again, a peaceful time to spend as the boat passed through a gorge. Needless to say, we required a change of clothes, which we fortunately had planned and carried. We started off to go the Crocodile Park, but it was a little past their closing time and hence decided to return home. At the speed we had reached that place, it was better starting off then :B. Our quest for food did not end with the fishes, but we found out a Punjabi Dhaba called Balle Balle on our way home and ordered the Punjabi-est dishes possible - Grilled Chicken, Butter Chicken, some more chicken and Butter Naan. Oh yes, one of those vegetarian friends had Dal Makhani. Can’t review the Dal Makhani though! Finally we reached home tired but happy and slept off (no I am not that boring, just don't remember the details :B)Strongly recommended for a one day road trip/excursion/break. Oh and you can stand in a queue and pay 750 Rs for the boat or pay the boatmen 100rs extra along with boat fees and get on ahead of the line.
10. Hogenakkal Falls, Tamil Nadu The Niagara Falls of India, so it is called, is located on River Kaveri in South India. It is a treat for the eyes.