Shanbhag Restaurant

Offbeat Voyagers
The expected time to reach Hosapete was 7:30am the next day, but the bus was late and we reached by 9:30am. Hungry after the long journey, we had a filling breakfast at Shanbhag restaurant for Rs. 150 for two, just a little walk away from where the bus dropped us.Note: The ride is pretty comfortable, as the bus mostly stays on Pune-Bangalore expressway which is in a good condition. There is a provision of bedsheets on each seat in the bus. They also play a movie in the evening for entertainment(common screen for all). We recommend taking an AC bus in summers to avoid the heat. There are no charging ports in the bus(present in sleeper buses). Most importantly there aren't any designated restroom stops, so keep a check on the amount of water you consume.Hosapete To Hampi: