Tungabhadra Gardens and Dam 1/12 by Tripoto
September - February
1 out of 2 attractions in Hospet
Karim S A
Go to Tungabhadra Dam and Munirabad Dam and feel the beauty of Nature."History is not, Was, It Is" - William Faulkner
Karim S A
Having met Ramu after a gap of 4 years, we had so much to share over breakfast and piping hot south Indian coffee. We shared our childhood memories and our school stories. At 11.00 AM, we left for the Dam site. The view from the top is ....what do I say? (I am short of words)...Come here, and see the beautiful landscape for yourself, and you will also be awe struck and mesmerized.There is a lot of history about the construction of this Dam which was completed during 1953. But what I can never forget is, that a lot of villages were submerged to construct this Dam. I wonder to this date, where did all these uprooted villagers resettle? How painful it must have been for them.There is a lone canteen up there at the Dam site, where we had some Tea and Biscuits. Climb the Vaikunt via the curvy road or take the thousand steps to reach the lighthouse. Yes you read it right, I wrote lighthouse. Normally you find lighthouses only on the sea shores to guide the ships. But they built a lighthouse here. The actual purpose is not known but may be it was used as a view point. Or maybe it guided the boats that plied here many years ago. There is an anchoring point here with a parapet wall for the passengers to walk up to the shore. But this place is now a restricted zone and no one is allowed to enter. Remnants of a couple of long disused boats lie here even today which you can see through the barbed fence. Sometime during the 70's there were boats which took you round the Dam. There is a beautiful inspection bungalow up there where you can stay, but it is restricted only for the Government officials. You find a Temple too here. The view of the valley from here is breathtakingly beautiful. Green Valley interspersed with tiny bright yellow flowers. From there, we got down to the Garden below. This Garden called the Pampavana Garden was built on the lines of Brindavan Garden, Mysore. Light and Sound show is held daily in the evenings. You can do boating here. You have an aquarium too. You can stay at Hotel Mayura in Tungabhadra Dam which is near the Tungabhadra Dam circle.
Bonny John
The second day, we took a local bus from Hospet to Hampi.The route is scenic and everytime to see a boulder on the sides of the road, the excitement grows.The bus will go through some of the most scenic road surrounded by Boulders and thick trees.You can feel it in the air looking at those boulders that the city is approaching.The first you see while entering the city is the Ugra Narsimha Temple and Sasivekalu Ganesa.The bus will drop you at a small market in the middle of the city.You do not have to ask or check Google Maps.The Mighty Gopuram of Virupaksha will answer and welcomes you from Far.
Karim S A
We went to see the Tungabhadra Dam, Vaikunt and the Nandanavana Park below the Dam. (I shall elaborate on this place in a seperate blog).
Karim S A
We were served piping hot idlies with a special idli podi with generous dollops of fresh ghee and the finest filter coffee by my friend Ramu’s family who stay in Tungabhadra Dam, 16 KMs from Hampi. Nothing beats the taste of home-made breakfast. And we packed Chapati, Potato Curry, Lemon Rice and Onion Pakoras for lunch at Hampi. The Canvas of Hampi, makes you eat more because when you sit here and eat your food, you feel a different taste to it. The milieu makes all the difference.
12. Before we boarded the bus to Bangalore, we visited the gardens from where could catch a view of the Tungabhadra dam and river. It was beautiful and we took many pictures. Then we took this picture that speaks some very wrongly put together words.
Manasa Seshadri
From here on out till lunch the day is a little fuzzy as we mostly drove around viewing temples of little architectural beauty with the sun consistently beating down upon us. But it was a fun ride nonetheless as our excitement did not abate. We visited the Durga Temple grounds but could not bring ourselves to undertake another arduous climb. From there we went to the nearby Lakshmi Temple and settled in for a quick photo session of the surroundings. We then returned the moped and set off for lunch. After lunch though we returned to the Bazaar side of the river and prepared to go to the Tungabhadra Dam. The dam is such a remarkable feat of the human mind and the expanse of water so large that one would feel consumed and alone in the world!
Pavel Ray
Next day morning we checked-out from the hotel around 10 am and went to Tungabhadra Dam by auto. We booked the same auto which we booked for Hampi sight-seen. The auto driver took Rs. 600 for taking to the dam and dropping at Hospet station. Its around 17 km far from Hampi. You can easily spend 2 to 3 hours there. Bus service is available in just Rs. 20 per head to visit watch tower from the dam entrance. There's a garden in the lower side with some lights for the fountains. After spending some time at dam we headed towards Hospet station and our journey ends there.
Shipra Agarwal
Visit it if you have time
Akash Mohindra
Sunset. Coracle Ride.
Harini Sridharan
A huge engineering marvel that holds an enormous amount of water and provides water to the whole state.