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Cheirao Ching

Gitika Saksena
Start your day early with a hill walkImphal is surrounded by hills which have served as natural fortifications over millennia. Now, this is where morning walkers head to, for their daily dose of cardio. The city wakes up very early, in part because it sleeps early and in part due to the much-debated single time zone for India. But in more ways than one - and if you can muster the stamina - it is a great way to start your Imphal experience. Head to the Cheirao Ching trail, a little beyond the Legislative Assembly building. There is a proper, albeit slightly steep road up from where walkers park their vehicles to the start of the trail, where also stands a memorial to fallen soldiers. Thereafter climb up is all trail, and good walking or trekking shoes are advisable. The summit affords wonderful, all-round views of both Imphal city and the valley. During Cheiraoba, the Manipuri New Year, people from all over the state come here to climb the hill and offer prayers.Marvel at the glory of Kangla Fort and, polo!