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Beyazıt Mahallesi

Gandharv Sharma
After Hagia Sophia, you can either go to Basilica Cistern or you can walk to Grand Bazaar. Grand Bazaar closes at 7 pm so you must manage your time accordingly. This will be a long day, you will be walking about 6 – 8 km to cover this all.
Gandharv Sharma
Grand Bazaar – The most popular and overcrowded market in Istanbul. Apt for souvenir shopping, handicrafts, carpets, and Turkish delight.
Abhishek Dey
Istanbul being one of the most visited travel destinations, Grand Bazaar is always flooded with tourists in huge numbers. The colorful shops, the smell of the spices, sweets, colorful gift items and what else. The lanes are narrow but are quite colorful and lively.
shalbha sarda
The Bazaars- Grand bazaar- being from the city of Jaipur I am in love with archaic charms and the hustle of old bazaars, but I was totally unprepared to brace the impact of this half a century old market with mind-boggling 3000 shops, 30000 employees and 300000 daily visitors. It felt like a living museum and somewhat dizzying, to begin with. The labyrinthian 66 alleys had endless stalls of carpets, clothing, ceramicware, hanging lamps and gold jewelry, an array of shops sold exactly similar things.
Travel Tales
Next stop by is Grand Bazaar. It's less than a kilometer of walk from Blue Mosque to this place. The Grand Bazaar remained Turkey's commercial hub — for both locals and international traders. Its 4,000 shops were bursting with everything you can imagine, from jewelry to silk clothing, and traditional copper-ware to exotic, Oriental imports. It is one of the largest and oldest covered bazaars in the world. The main area of the Grand Bazaar boasts a total of 64 streets and 22 entrances, however the entire section around the historical bedesten is also considered to be a part of the market. Prepare to get lost and embrace this as a part of the authentic experience.Throughout the Grand Bazaar and just about everywhere in the Old Town, you'll constantly be barraged by people selling everything you can imagine. This can be intimidating, but it's fun if you loosen up and approach it with a sense of humor. The main rule of thumb: Don't feel compelled to look at or buy anything you don't want.