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Suleymaniye Mosque

Your next stop would be Suleymaniye, an Ottoman-era mosque. You can walk to the Spice Market nearby and buy some spices.To spend the evening, you can take a ferry across the river. For that you would need to walk or take a tram from Suleymaniye to Bosphorus (Route T1). Here you will find multiple ferry options. Buy Simit bread to feed the seagulls when your cruise.Return to your hotel/ BnB and retire for the day.
The last visit of the day is Suleymaniye Mosque. Take a tram from Gülhane istasyonu, which is nearest station to Topkapi Palace & get down in Beyazıt. Walk down for 10mins to reach the mosque. Suleymaniye Mosque is the second largest imperial mosque complex in the city. It stands on a hilltop (3rd hill) dominating the Golden Horn and contributing to the skyline of Istanbul. The mosque is the largest mosque of Istanbul. The mosque is less ornate respect to the other mosques of the time, but its simple decorations gives another athmosphere to this masterpiece. As in all great mosques, it has an outer courtyard and the inner courtyard with four minarets in the corners. Two of these minarets are taller & other two are shorter in height.There are 3 entrances to inside of the mosque, one being from the inner courtyard on the axis of the mosque and other two being on the sides of the outer courtyard. Inside, the floor is covered with carpets. The chandeliers are low and dim so it gives you an idea of the time when it was lit with candles,and there are 138 windows. Today Suleymaniye mosque is one of the most popular sights in Istanbul. Normally tourists enter the mosque from the inner courtyard and after taking the shoes off. Camera and flash is allowed in the mosque.
Aditi Chaudhary
On our cultural exploration day, our last stop was the Sulemnaiye Mosque. It’s one of the most Magnificent Mosques in Istanbul and was designed by the ace architect Sinan. To reach the mosque take the tram to Grand Bazaar and walk straight ahead of the main entrance where all the clothes shops are lined up. Walk till the end of the lane and turn left and then few more steps and take a right. You can get panoramic view of the Golden horn and Bosphorous from the garden and I personally felt very peaceful here. There is a calm aura to it and much less crowded than the Blue Mosque. Entrance is free and there is dress code to follow. Please carry a scarf and respect people while they are praying. We sat outside the Mosque for few minutes and the view is beautiful. There is a functional Hamam on the eastern side of the Mosque and is considered one of the best in Istanbul. I wish we had visited this instead of Cemberlitias. You can also visit the tomb of Architect Sinan.