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Sultanahmet Cami

2. Muezzin's wake up call
rachna shivale
The next day we kept for exploring all touristic places, mosques, museums, Bosphorus tour and whirling dervishes show. The famous blue mosque and Hagia Sophia museum is on the same premises. There is no entry fee for mosque but for Hagia Sophia museum, you have to wait in queue to get the ticket. since there are multiple museums in the city, you can take a combine ticket for all the museums and also for day-wise. Single entry is usually under 100 lira while the combined-museums entry is approx 300 lira. Below is the list of all the places to visit in sultanahmet camii location or nearby vicinity.-Blue Mosque: no entry fee-Hagia Sophia: around 100 lira entry fee and can be obtained at the premiseTopkapi Museum: around 100 lira entry fee and can be obtained at the premise-Whirling Dervishes show at Hodjapasha : entry fee is 120 lira, book it online beforehand. all the shows start at 7 pm and lasts for an hour. Keep this in your itinerary only if you're interested in sacred practice of the mystical sufis.-Taksim Square and grand bazaar: NA-Black sea Bosphorus tour: tour is available for 3 slots of the day(noon, pre-eve and dusk). Tickets for this can be obtained at any souvenir store in blue mosque's premise for 10 Euro if you have good bargain skills. The tour takes a round from Europe to Asia side and its recommended that you take this tour for 5-6 pm time in order to witness sunset.if after dervishes show, you get a good appetite, head towards Bitlis restaurant nearby. So Bitlis is basically a small city of turkey. And this restaurant is based on Bitlis' exotic cuisine. Their food is so tasty and filling that I wont object google rating of 4.5 given to them.
Aditi Chaudhary
I dined at Pasha Café close to my Hotel and enjoyed some warm, refreshing apple tea, pesto pasta and Pide. It was time to rest and get myself ready for the next day as I had an early morning flight to Kayseri to reach Cappadocia – Land of beautiful white horses! Keep reading there is lots coming up!