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Taksim Square

So I started my walk from Taksim square where my hotel was located, and went to see Gezi park that’s on Taksim.
Aseem Rastogi
And lest we forget, there is also the New Year Party Fireworks which people view from the famous Taksim Square around the Golden Horn and the beautiful cruise on the Bosphorus. As the cruise crosses the first and reaches the 2nd bridge, one would get a unique chance to spend the early moments of the New Year on the crossroads between Asia and Europe.
Bharti Singh
From clothes to shoes to gadgets… it’s all here. And when you finally do get tired, hop on to the nostalgic tourist tram that runs from Taksim square to Tunnel square.
Erol Utgun
The tour starts around 9.00 in the morning in Taksim Square. This square is famed for its array of restaurants, shops, and hotels. If you love shopping, you'll enjoy Taksim Square. Not just this, the Square also houses the Monument of the Republic inaugurated in 1928. You can also see the nostalgic tram that runs from the square along the avenue.