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Taksim Square

Chitra Vora
Enjoying the Night life at TaksimAfter a long flight, all we wanted is to unwind and relax in the happening yet cosy lanes of Taksim neighborhood. We walked around the Istiklal Kadesi, explored the numerous lanes that have unbelievably cute cafés and pubs lined up and had super fresh Pizza at a small local eatery called "Just Pizza". This place is also the hub for people who enjoy Hukkas and just want to absorb the European Turkish vibe!
Gandharv Sharma
Sultanahmet is the area where you’ll find most of the historic tourist attractions. Staying here would give you a very historic feeling about Istanbul. To stay closer to the center, you can look for hotels that are at max 10 – 15 min walking distance from Hagia Sophia or Blue Mosque.If you are looking to stay at more of the contemporary side then Beyoglu/Taksim Square is your place. This area is home to the most popular shopping street of Istiklal Caddesi and also has a number of trendy bars and clubs. In the evening you’ll find most of the tourists chilling around in this area.Istanbul is Delicious: Where to Eat?I won’t recommend any particular restaurant in Istanbul, not because I don’t travel for food (which is true), but because in Istanbul you will find food everywhere. All the main markets are loaded with restaurants and bars. So pick your place and enjoy the meal. I would certainly like to mention what kind of cuisine you’ll find here. Turkish cuisine is a fusion of European and Asian cuisines and particularly if we speak about the Asian side, it’s the Middle Eastern cuisine which is known for its variety of kebabs, mezes, grills, salads, and dough-based desserts such as baklava, sobiyet, and kunefe. For the foodies, I am sure you are well aware of the hometown of the famous Salt Bae or Nusr-et Steakhouse, yes it is Istanbul indeed. Nusr-et Steakhouse is really famous and the most visited restaurants by tourists.
Explore Taksim square :We reached Taksim square by taking T1 and started our day by visiting Dolmabahce palace. The architecture is mesmerising hence without any delay we started capturing photos. There is a small cafe adjacent to the palace garden. Take a cup of Turkish tea and enjoy the view of Bosphorus. You can see so many seagulls eagerly waiting to be friends with you.Taksim square is the most happening palace for night out. You can take a walk on Istiklal street, enjoy the heritage tram ride eat local food and do shopping. This place will never let you get bored. We came back to our apartment very late on the same day. Could not sleep whole night as we had a morning flight to catch. The airport bus starts from Taksim square only, so it's very convenient to walk till the bus stop.
Istanbul Day 21. Shopping & Visit to the iconic at Taksim Square/ Istikal Area
Rohan Sood
Located in the Beyoglu district, Taksim is a vibrant and modern area filled with shops, restaurants and cafes. The square is also home to one of Istanbul’s most famous landmarks – The Taksim Republic Monument that commemorates the creation on Turkey in 1923. Full of life, Taksim is where locals and tourists let loose and celebrate Istanbul’s night life. If that is not your cup of tea, don’t be disappointed, there is plenty to do here. You can sit back and enjoy a coffee, walk along İstiklal Caddesi, or explore the Independence Avenue.