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Dev Vashisth
lets start! My first reaction to my co driver , road trips are the most memorable trips in your life time . we started at 6 in the morning from itanagar . The route to mechuka is like first you have to touch Aalo also known as Along . There are 3 routs to Aalo 1] via ziro 2]via likhabali 3]via passighat we opted the likhabali one as its shorter but if you want waow! scenic view you should go through passighat . it took us Approx 7 Hours to reach there , its Advised to take a night rest in Aalo because the distance from Aalog to Mechuka is 212 kms and it will take more than 6 hrs to reach there and to all those people who love driving in mountains this terrain is one of the best and adventurous . There are places to see in aalo , also like you should must visit siang river . Hear some stories from there local people about the river , the best time to be there is during sunrise and sunset .