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Siddhesh Wani
On Monday, I started at around 8:45 from hostel. After a good sleep, I was feeling quite fresh and active. Bus was at 9:15. Kawaguchiko has good bus service connecting all tourist places in and around the city. Three routes - Red, Green and blue - cover all the places. If you are spending a whole day visiting these places, I would suggest to buy the 2-day pass at ¥1500. With this pass you can board any bus, any no of times for two days. Even if you are in the city for just one day, buying this pass will be beneficial instead of paying every now and then. Route map for these buses is available on Fujikyukou's website. It is available at Kawaguchiko station also. All announcements in the bus are done in English also. So, no worry of missing your stop if you don't understand Japanese. My first destination was the Bat Cave. After lava eruption, there are many caves formed around Mt. Fuji as the gases escaped. Though the name suggests that there will be bats inside of the cave, during day time they are not visible. It is not that big cave. It takes just 10 minutes to traverse accessible area. What is different inside this cave than other caves is the texture of floor and walls. It's very rough and somewhat porous. This cave is also at the start of trail through Aokigahara forest - my next destination.Aokigahara is formed on lava base and very dense. It is also called as 'Sea of Trees'. As lava is porous, it absorbs surrounding sounds making it very quite. Being dense, it is difficult to find a way back, if you are lost. That is the reason why many Japanese people come here to suicide. Some of them tie a thread to tree before venturing in the jungle. In case they change their mind, they can trace back that thread to get back on main trail. Reading stories about the forest who explored it before, I found it completely opposite, or at least the part I ventured. It wasn't that quite, there were birds chirping, occasional sounds of airplane flying above. I started walking on jungle trail around 10:30 and reached opposite end of the trail by 11:20. It was around 2 km, I took a detour to see Saiko lakefront but it was in vain. In case you are not interested in forest, there is a walking trail along Saiko lake. Exploring all trails in jungle would take 3-4 hours easily but I didn't have that much time. There are sign boards all along trail to guide you. At intersections, they have displayed the maps also. I had very good signal reception inside jungle. Also, I saw another hiking group too. I would suggest going in that area to visit at least some part of the forest. It felt very calm here. You can see all different kinds of trees interconnected in complex patterns. As roots can't penetrate lava easily, you can see net of these roots spread on the ground.
MT. FUJI: We stayed at Fujikawaguchiko, know for 1 night just to experience the town the next day and enjoy a breakfast sitting in front of the majestic mountain. It's a mystical place, you want to keep looking around and breath that fresh air in!