Matsuyama 1/undefined by Tripoto


Ashna Rawat
Resting cozily between the Ishizuchi mountain range to the south and Takanawa Mountains to the north, Matsuyama is a perfect example of sleepy countryside city. If you are a hot spring enthusiast, Dōgo Onsen won’t disappoint you. This allegedly oldest public bath in Japan is a star attraction of the city. The highlight of the city lies in the literary chattels thanks to a native called Masaoka Shiki who is attributed with revitalizing Japanese poetry and modernizing its themes. The French inspired architecture of Bansuiso was constructed in Taishō Era in 1922. The once venue of many elite parties is now used as the Museum of Art's annex. The two floors proudly showcase ink paintings by Shiki, Sōseki, and other Ehime residents. Dōgo Kōen is an important part of Matsuyama's identity because it harbors the ruins of Yuzuki Castle. The 14 years of excavation over 30,000 square meter successfully retrieved castle, gardens, and residences.