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Nara Prefecture

Mikhil Sonavaria
We walked to kofukuji temple from the station and walked to todaji temple through nara park. Nara park is full of deers, you can interact with them on your way to todaji. Once you reach todaji make sure you take the free English guide. It’s 600 yen to enter the temple.We then walked up the hill to nigatsudo, you can see nara from top and they have a beautiful prayer hall. After that we walked to kasuga Taisha. We then walked all the way back to the station. You can also take the nara hop on hop off bus if you don’t want to walk but the buses will only drop you to the main stop you will still have to walk through the park. We finally took the train back to Kyoto.We had exhausted ourselves that day and decided to take a taxi back to the hotel.Nara is closer from Osaka so keep that as an option.