Siddhesh Wani
After tiring yesterday, we got up late. Our plan was to visit Moerenuma park. But when we asked our host about it, they said it will be just snow there everywhere and not that good to visit during winter. So, we went to Hokkaido University. We roamed around campus, shot photos in beautiful scenery, made first snowman as there was lot of snow. We then went to Odori station for lunch and got on the train for Otaru. Otaru is an old port town famous for music box, glass works and candles lit along canals at night. We first went to Otaru Music box museum. Just a small part of it actually a museum, otherwise it's a shop only, but worth of visiting. Music boxes in all shapes and sizes are present here from 1000 yen to more than 1,00,000 yen per piece. Merry-go-round, angels, cartoon characters, Ferris wheel, photo frames... I bet you can't restrict yourself from buying at least one. Even if you are not going to buy anything, do visit it. We then just kept walking along Sakaimachi street. You will find mainly shops of glass works, chocolates and Hokkaido beer/sake along this road. Next stop was canal area. By the time we reached there it was already dark and candles were lit along the bank and in the canal. If you are interested in photography, do carry a tripod and reach early to get good spot. It was very crowded and I had to wait 15-20 mins to get near the edge to get good photos but sight was beautiful. Spending sometime there we decided to return now. Along the road you will see, restaurants make snowman in front of there entries to attract customers. Some lit candles making a hole in snow. While walking we came across an area having illuminated ice statues. So dropping the plan of catching train, we went to see it. It was Temiyasen Kaijo area which is around half a kilometer long path with illuminated ice/snow/wax statues/lanterns. The combination of light, snow and wax was amazing and it's better to see photos than I explain it.