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Vineet Kumar
Hachikō was a Japanese Akita dog remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his owner, Hidesaburō Ueno, for whom he continued to wait for over nine years following Ueno's death.
Mayank Singhal
Post then i went to world busiest intersection in the world Shibuya
Kavish Sethi
1. DAY 1 : I landed Tokyo in afternoon and reached hotel around 6 pm. I planned to capture and visit the famous SHIBUYA crossing in evening (remember from Fast and Furious : Tokyo Drift Movie). It was 4 stations away from my hotel in Shinjuku. Also I visited the night market in Shibuya. It was a mind-blowing experience as I saw so many people at the crossing and it was interesting to watch in every 2 mins same amount of people cross the red light. It was fun to watch so many lights with so many merchandise stores, it was as if i am looking at mini pahar gangh from Delhi, only cleaner and Have a look at some amazing pictures i clicked from the crossing and the market. #longshuttershots
Mikhil Sonavaria
Shopping at shibuya, Xmas lightsOur JR pass expired so we bought the 900 yen subway and metro pass, we found the pass to be very useful and bought it almost everyday during our stay in Tokyo.After breakfast we went to shibuya, saw the hachiko dog, roamed around shibuya. This day was for my wife’s shopping, went to don qiote and uniqlo. Ate sushi from the conveyer at Genki sushi. (cheap and amazing conveyer belt sushi). In the month of December especially during Xmas, tokyo is lit up. Areas to visit are Caretta shiodome shopping mall, Roppongi hills, Tokyo midtown. These areas use anywhere from 100000 to 500000 leds for decoration. We spent the night walking through these lit streets.
Husein Haveliwala