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Mayank Singhal
Post then i went to world busiest intersection in the world Shibuya
Kavish Sethi
1. DAY 1 : I landed Tokyo in afternoon and reached hotel around 6 pm. I planned to capture and visit the famous SHIBUYA crossing in evening (remember from Fast and Furious : Tokyo Drift Movie). It was 4 stations away from my hotel in Shinjuku. Also I visited the night market in Shibuya. It was a mind-blowing experience as I saw so many people at the crossing and it was interesting to watch in every 2 mins same amount of people cross the red light. It was fun to watch so many lights with so many merchandise stores, it was as if i am looking at mini pahar gangh from Delhi, only cleaner and Have a look at some amazing pictures i clicked from the crossing and the market. #longshuttershots
Husein Haveliwala
Sagar Pradhan
Time required: 1 Hour (8 PM-9PM)Line: Oedo line - Tochomae Station to Aoyama-itchome Station; Hanzoman Line- Aoyama-itchome Station to Shibuya stationEvery few minutes a wave of humanity flows across Shibuya Crossing. Join the masses or stand back and watch. An ideal vantage point is the bridge corridor linking Shibuya Station with the Shibuya Mark City complex.
vidhi bubna
Shibuya crossing- It is not very far from Ghinza and this is the busiest crossing in the world. There are around 3 road intersections here so many people cross at the same time. I was literally lost in the crowd when I was crossing and I felt like people would end up smashing into each other. There were people walking towards me from literally every direction. It was like one of those scenes in movies where people think its apocalypse.