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Sonal Agarwal
Miyagawa Riverbank, Shiroyama-Koen Park
Culture and saké: Takayama (2 days)Kampai! Takayama is home to dozens of saké breweries, and is the place to sink down jugs and jugs of this rice-based beverage. If you don’t like the taste that much, try and start with some warm saké after a day of exploring — nice, right?To fill up the day before boozing hour, visit the morning markets, explore the old town on foot, and snap pics of the traditional wooden houses and old-school shops. Or maybe spend an afternoon hanging out in a cafe, sipping on tea and writing postcards while listening to jazz records.Oh, and make sure you hop on the train back to Tokyo during daylight hours: the ride is stunning.Book Japan Tour Packages
Junior Hogan
Takayama Old Town or Old Quarter is located about one hour from Shirakawa-Go and about two hours from Nagoya city and this place sits in a basin surrounded by beautiful scenic mountains. Takayama is also well known for the famous Hida Beef, the Old Quarter of Takayama, the Morning Market and Takayama Jinya which is an interesting government house museum. The morning market is another exciting place to visit as the vendors here sell freshly picked fruit, homemade pickles, Japanese sweets and local Japanese handicraft. This place is also best visited in the spring and summer as it tends to be much more lively compared to the winter period. Among the other things found around Takayama are craft like pottery, ‘Ichii Ittobori’ wood carvings, Hida furniture and famous Japanese sake breweries.