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Afternoon and evening
08:30 am to 5:30 pm
River rafting, boating, natural beauty, and leisure activities.
₹100 approx.
September - February
Friends, Families
1 out of 4 attractions in Kanakapura


Mekedatu is a lovely confluence of Cauvery river and Arkavati river, forming a narrow ravine, which is the part of the stunning landscape. This place is mainly known for Mekedatu waterfall and surrounding natural beauty. Just park your vehicle and cross the gentle river on foot but not during monsoons. At one point, the ravine gets so narrow that it is believed a goat jumped over to the opposite side. Since then, this place is called Mekedatu, which means "goat's leap" in Kannada. It is famous picnic spot in Bangalore.
The picture below is the point at Mekedatu where people sell water, lemon drinks and butter milks. The sign board warns you to be careful as this is a “dangerous place”. 
Subhrajyoti Parida
Mekedaatu is well visited on weekends and for picinics among family & friends. It has some of the most beautiful landscapes consisting of rocky & deep canyons through which Cauvery River flows with great force and speed.
Subhrajyoti Parida
Mekedatu, a location in Kanakapura Taluk near Bangalore, is famous for two spots- firstly the Cauvery River merging with Akravati River and secondly, the scenic & deep canyons though which Cuavery flows with high current and force. At the upstream side, about 3 kms from the canyon, the Cauvery waters are usually so shallow in summers/winters that one can easily walk across to the other side of the river. The place is more a picnic spot where people come to have fun with friends and family in weekends. In fact, I along with 4 other guys including our cook had been to this place on one such weekend where we cooked Biryani and had satisfying lunch, apart from feasting our eyes on the scenic landscapes around.
Karthik Rao V
A wonderful place filled with the cool tranquil waters of rivers Kaveri and Arkavathi is believed to have a mythological significance that Lord Shiva came in the disguise of a goat and leaped across a deep and narrow Gorge. Present nearby is also the Chunchi Falls where you can relax a bit and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.