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September - May
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Karkala Gomateshwara Statue

Dr.Sandesh kumar mr
aditi jain
Located in Shravenbelgola, the 57ft high statue of Lord Bahubali was made in 983 AD out of one carved single block of granite and stands majestically on top of a hill with natural beauty adding to its awe. The colossal monolithic statue of Bahubali also called Gomateshwara is of great religious significance because Jains believe that Bahubali was the first to attain moksha. Every 12 years thousand of devotees come here for the Mahamastakabhisheka, a spectacular ceremony where the thousand year old statue is anointed with milk, curd, ghee, saffron and gold coins. Gomateshwara is one of the tallest statues of the world and should be seen to appreciate the craftsmanship of people of those times who carved out this tall statue without any modern technology!Best time to visit: October to March.Timings: It's open throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset. There aren't any set timings. Entrance fees: It's free for all. Where to stay: There aren't any places to stay near the statue. However, you can stay in Hassan, the nearest town, and take a day trip to see the Gomateshwara statue. Hassan Ashok and Hotel Southern Star Hassan are some good options you can check out. You can find some more stays here. How to reach: Nearest airport is Bangalore, 165 km away, whereas nearest railway station is Hassan, only 50km away. Regular buses run between Bangalore to Gomateshwara and Hassan to Gomateshwara.
Moving ahead, I visited the Gommateshwara statue. I couldn’t take much photos here though as the statue was being given a face lift and was covered with logs which the people were using to reach the top. After having some fresh fruit juice at the base of the temple, I returned to Manipal. At Manipal, I saw a board showing directions to the Museum of Anatomy & Pathology. Having lot of time on my hand, I visited the museum and was glad that I did so. The museum is very well maintained and is one of its kind in the country. There are over 3000 specimens/ samples of anatomies of various mammals including man that are kept on display. As can be expected at a museum, the place is big treasure of information and knowledge. I spent almost close to 1.5 hours here looking through the entire collection of specimens. The visit was then followed with light lunch and topped off by savoring delicious natural ice cream at Thanco Fresh Fruitz Ice Cream. The place offers over 75 varieties of ice creams made from various other fruits apart from the standard ones of Mango, Strawberry, Pineapple…. I tried out the Guava flavor and it had quite an amazing taste. I then returned back to the Malpe beach for the evening to enjoy the last couple of hours of my trip by the sea side. I stayed put till 8 PM sitting on the edge of the beach, listening to nothing but the sound of sea waves. Having my dinner by the beach side, I then proceeded to board my bus to return back to Bangalore and end what had been a quite memorable trip. My next trip was already in plans for the upcoming weekend. From the west coast of India at Udupi, my next trip was to the east coast of India at Pondicherry. I wouldn’t be writing about it though as I have visited Pondicherry many times before ????Until next time, adios! ????This post was originally published on Wanderlust Diaries.