Mangalore - Enjoy the Coastal Beauty!

1st Sep 2017
Photo of Mangalore - Enjoy the Coastal Beauty! by Karim S A

We boarded the bus at Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station in Hyderabad and after having slept like babies all night through, in the ensconced pushback Airawat thrones of our KSRTC Hyderabad Mangaluru Bus, we reached KSRTC Bus Stand of Mangaluru at 10.30 AM. The journey in a multi axle Airawat is always smooth and so we were tireless. Having seen the road paralleled with the Sea beside us at Ankola we were rather excitement- filled in anticipation of what our trip had in store for us.

This was the first time I had taken my family on a trip to this coastal city of Mangaluru. During my childhood I remember my dad having taken us on a tour to Chikmagalur, Mangaluru, Ullal, Mysore, Srirangapattnam and Bangalore. And I keep telling my children about my childhood trips and share with them my Beautiful memories. So now, years later, it was my turn to play the role of a dotting father to my children. After all, they too should carry fond memories to narrate to their children. Isn't it?

Our accommodation was arranged at a Guest House at Tannir Bavi on the outskirts of Mangaluru. It was a bit far away, and the auto wallah spoke dauntingly about the distance and how it would be difficult for us to move around from there without our own vehicle. He was kind enough and he gave us his mobile number and asked to call him anytime so that he shows us around.

As we reached the Guest House we were thrilled to bits. It was really such a nice Guest House and in fact even one Kannada movie song was picturized here. We were indeed lucky because this Guest House had a private beach too. Just open the Gates from the lawns of the Guest House and viola! You were straight in the beach - totally peaceful and with no other people except guests who stayed in the Guest House. My family was thrilled and excited. We freshened up, had our breakfast at the Guest House and were all set for exploring Mangalore.

While coming here, we had planned that we would not arrange any vehicle to travel around but travel in city buses and autos like the locals do so that we explore the place in an authentic way like a local and not like a tourist. My family agreed. Usually such an agreement with the lady of the house is difficult, but my wife agreed willingly which was indeed welcome. We asked the care taker of the Guest House and we were told that at 12.30 there was a city bus from Tannir Bavi and we could catch the bus at the main gate of the Guest House to reach the city Centre.

We got into the bus, and like locals we explored Mangalore. It really felt good to wander in Hampankatta, where there were a number of eateries. We had our lunch of lip-smacking parothas with chicken curry which was more of Kerala style. Then we went a few streets away and had delicious ice creams. We then went to the local fish market where varieties of dried fishes were sold. We didn't buy any, we just went there to have a feel of the local pulse.

It was indeed an experience to feel like a local. We then went the Forum Fiza Mall for some evening time, had a chat and returned back to the Guest House.

The next day, we woke up early since our day was fixed for a visit to St Mary's Island, off Male Beach at Udipi. You can refer to my earlier blog titled "St Mary's Island - Where Vasco Da Gama set Foot First".

There is so much to explore in this coastal city of Mangaluru, in and around. Like Panambur Beach, Kudroli Gokarnath Temple, Mangalore Beach, Bejai Museum, Sultan Battery, Ullal Beach etc - Go be the Explorer!

Around Mangaluru, if you travel a distance of 50 kilometers you will enter Kerala and you can head straight to Kasargod which has another lovely beach where the Bollywood movie Bombay was picturized.

Karnataka is that magical land which has never failed to mesmerize the travellers and the explorers.

You can go to Moodabidri which lies at a distance of 33 kilometers which is one of the major center of jainism in South India.

St Lawrence or Attur Church at Karkala is a must visit when you are in Mangaluru. Karkala is at a distance of roughly 60 kilometers from Mangaluru. This church is architecturally very beautiful and it has a history associated to it, and it was built during the year 1759.

"Travel and be an Explorer so that one day you turn into a Story Teller"

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