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Antharagange Hills stands at 1712 m , located from 65 km from Bangalore near Kolar. Antharagange is best for night trek, for caves exploration and hiking in night times. the lord Shiva and Nandi idol is well know for worship and the belief is consuming water available on hills will help to cure diseases and well known since ancient daysDistance - 65 to 70 km from BangaloreTrek Level - Easy to ModerateTransit - Railway , Bus and Own Vehicles
Saurav Singh
Apart from all the previous treks that I've done, this was a bit different. This time instead of acknowledging sunrise I chased a sunset. This was my first sunset in Kolar. Whoever has watched the movie KGF would for sure have heard this name. I had been deciding to visit Antharagange since my last semester, nevertheless I visited this place last week.We started our trip at around 3:45 PM from my place. I was accompanied by a friend of mine. The distance between my place and Antharagange Hills was 82 kms to be exact. As Bangalore is always prone to traffic it took us too long but later as we reached the city's outskirts ,there was certainly less traffic.We halted at the toll gate, had some refreshments, switched seats and restarted our ride.A couple of minutes before we reached there the hills were visible and the view was so astounding that I didn't give a single thought of lowering my scooty's acceleration and managed to reach there in just a few minutes. We finally reached there by 5:50 PM , I parked the scooty took a parking ticket and straight away started running towards the hill. Initially it had some 150 steps and after completing those steps the actual trek began.The trek was not that tough as it was in Savandurga . We managed to reach there by 6:15 PM and luckily didn't miss the sunset. We settled on a rock out there and started taking pictures of the sunset. We sat there for around half an hour, it was complete silence out there,in the meantime everything seemed to be in peace with nature.Birds, squirrels ,monkeys each and every living species seemed to enjoy their habitat.We then started trekking our way back to the bottom of the hill.It was getting darker and darker as we were paving our way through the steep rocks.I even slipped at some point but by some good luck there was a huge heap of dry leaves so it didn't hurt much. I then turned on my phone's flashlight as the visibility over the hill was very low but the one thing that I will always reminisce was that Kolar was looking more and more prettier due to the citylights. Then we reached at the hill's temple took some photos there and we had the last 150 steps to cover up. We reached at the bottom by 7:25 PM.At last the trek was over and we were on our way back home.Here are some of the pictures we captured ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
Akul Bajaj
Once you reach Anthargange you'll see an entrance to the temple area. This path is cemented and goes for about 500m after which you have to climb some stairs and you'll reach the Anthargange Temple. The 500 m walk will showcase you the greenery around this area and how an area devoid of population but enriched with nature looks and feels like.
Ankan Mukherjee
It’s been nearly 2 months in Bangalore and no place was explored yet.Please don’t talk about Malls and artificial places to visit. They satisfy pockets not heart. I am a passionate traveler and adventure enthusiast from inside which I definitely feel. Even though never been to hectic or too many treks or trips till date, yet I keep that music booming within me that “Yes, I love places, I love hills, I love to travel and I will keep on travelling”. Someday I will cover many parts of India or if fate favors might be few nations ranging from Hills, Terrains, Coasts, Jungles. Oh ! Love these senses.CommencedNevertheless there has to be a start. Last Saturday I was reading few travel blogs where I read “You are not born to only work and pay bills, and die”. It is quite a simple trick I thought. When I grow old I will have memories or pieces of writing regarding my experiences in travelling, not the Outlook email or MS Excel sheets. I asked my brother in law which website does he follow because he and Didi is a travel freak. So I was given the idea to check Thrillophilia. I spoke with my roomies and it struck me why don’t we travel for 2 days to any places near Bangalore as Karnataka boasts of mesmerizing and heart melting places be it green hills or grey stoned architectures of history pages. My love is always for hills or nerve wrecking treks. To start my exploration I thought of visiting Coorg. Sadly it did not take place as we were 3 and without 4 we were not able to book. After lots of browsing and incurring Kilobytes, I came across the Trek to Anthargange. The most astonishing factor was it’s gonna be a night trek and Oh!boy it does increase the level of excitement. Just imagine you are walking down the trails and terrains hopping over the rocks with only the torch as the helping hand for light, not the sun. The thought of exploring the granite rocks and the abundant caves under the night sky and stars watching us down was the reason enough to hit “Book”. I couldn’t wait the week to pass by because the maiden night adventure is awaiting.The NightWe were to start our journey on friday night. The bus was to pick us at 10.10 PM. I hurried out from office by 7.30 so that I can be there on time without any hullabaloo. The bus was a little late because of the almighty blessing of traffic. Initially I was shocked to see only 3 of us …What !!! Only 3 people trekking at night on the hills of Anthargange. But no, slowly groups started pouring in and finally started the journey through pick ups from Marathalli, Tin Factory and thus entered the expressway all the way to Kolar. It was a pleasant journey with cool breeze swarming my face swiping down the tiredness of my day at work. We reached the place at 1.30 a.m amidst the curves all the way to the hills of Anthargange. When I boarded down the bus, I was surprised to see 55 trekkers to march all the way till the top through the huge boulders staring at us as if they are going to pounce. It seemed at first things would be easy. But, when you have only one little device throwing light to show you the way it makes you feel what it is to trek at night. Still it was an experience which I would like to carry on anytime again.We reached the cave after 1 km of trek and already there were other group finding their way inside the cave. Dhiraj told it’s gonna take at-least an hour and half for them to complete. So we decided to reach our camping point again finding our way through the thorny plants and trees with slippery rocks all over. It was a tough path because of less grip in those rocks, still all the guys managed to reach the plain land safe. We collected all our sticks and decided to light a campfire. Dhiraj our guide planned for a game until we start our most extravagant and thrill penetrating cave exploration. The game was to shout any name in choir so that the opponent team has to work their ears hard to hear the right name and tell to which category it belongs. Funnily enough it was nice way to spend the time and I was ready to explore the cave which was my main interest. I last went into a cave way back in 1997 in Shillong. At that time I was restricted by my mom, but now I am all on my own.The CaveThe entry point at the cave was very narrow and pretty tough to fit in. The gap between the two gigantic chunk of rocks were very less and one had to struggle hard with the belly in and out to keep the journey on inside the cave. One had to climb down the rocks, crawl among the small holes between the rocks and then jump at your own risk so that you can balance and don’t fall down to meet your ends. It was an exciting affair as I was doing this for the first time where I had to clear my way out squeezing through a gap of of one arm. It was a brilliant experience. It took our group an hour to complete the journey inside the cave and reach the open air successfully with scratches all over my palms and arm. Once the cave exploration was over we reached our base camp where the others were settled and ready for their turn.The SunriseAfter cave exploration, the legs and hands were tired enough to settle own. I took out my sleeping bag and sneaked in. Honestly ! how many times do we get to sleep under the stars with cool breeze whistling in your ears with peace and serenity. I could smell the wet earth and it was a sense of fulfillment. Nothing can be better than this. I was fast asleep amidst other trekkers who were enjoying their own way, some were dancing, some singing in group and few inside sleeping kits like me. At 4 am I was all ready for the sunrise. We climbed the rocks to reach the best spot so that the rising of the giant helium ball can be well captured. I tell you, the only time you will enjoy the sun is when it rises and when it sets and never when it troubles during day time.AnthargangeThus with the sunrise and few captures of the vivid moment my first ever visit outside the hustle and bustle of the city ended in good note with an appetizing breakfast at a roadside restaurant chomping and munching the crisp dosas and vadas. By 11 am I was back in my abode to my surprise with no electricity and thereby I returned back to my daily dose of struggle.Hope to return back soon….Till then let me work and earn for my next rendezvous with nature…
Disha Kapkoti
For peeps from Bangalore, this exciting night trek awaits at a 2 hour distance. The trekkers can begin this expedition late at night and enjoy the magical view of the night sky overlooking the trail. Cave exploration at Anthargange would gift you a wonder you will cherish for life.