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Charmadi Ghat

Bhargav Mg
The route which we took to Bangalore was via Charmadi ghat. If you guys love some scenic spots while riding this is the perfect route. Clicked some pics in Charmadi and we hit the highways, reaching Bangalore in the eve.
However,we did not stop here but only proceeded further towards charmadi which welcomed us with a slash of rain .Pulled over at the shoulder of the road. All we see is an open meadow and the good heavens pouring over it!! The rain gear was on,the headlights were on and all the three riders protected with the best Armour of it's kind!!! FULL FACE HELMETS!!Now,for all the riders out their who want to chase the monsoons do not even attempt or think of it having an open face helmet!The south canara and western ghats monsoon is like no other and can bring down the staunchest rider of your flock!Charmadi was glistening with the rains.The dark green hillocks and the thick fog made us dance like crazy in the middle of nowhere.We had lost ourselves and this was just a starter!