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Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary

Prasad Nakhawa
Located about 15km from Hampi, Dorji Sloth Bear Sanctuary was created exclusively for the preservation of the Indian Sloth Bear. Visit this between 2 PM – 5 PM as they slather the honey on the rocks to attract the bears so that tourist can get a good spotting.We came back to Hippie Island by 6 PM, packed our bags, checked out from hotel and started our return Journey to Bangalore. Had food on the way at one highway dhaba and next day morning reached office at 9.30 and started the routine life. Oh and not to forget, Monday Blues!Important Things to Note1) Moped (Rs. 250/day), Scooty (300/day), Cycle (Rs. 100/day) are the best ways of transport on Hippie Island side to explore the place. But you cannot take Moped and Scooty on the Hampi Bazar side where the ruins are.2) You have to cross Tungabhadra River to go from Hippie Island to Hampi Bazar side. It is a 5 minute boat ride. Starts at 7.30 AM and the last boat is at 5.30 PM. Post this, it becomes too expensive to get on other side of the river as the route is a bit far and auto charges around Rs. 500 per person.3) Coracle rides are not available at Tungabhadra River and you can cross the river only by regular boats. But don’t get disheartened as you may do the coracle ride at Sanapur Lake (if you are lucky).4) Mobile network is very weak except BSNL. Hotel/Guesthouse WiFi are your saviors, if need be.5) Very famous Mango Tree restaurant has moved from Hampi Bazar to Kamalapur Village. Do not miss it. Your autowala will take you to this place during your monuments visit.6) Do not stay in Hospet. It is about 10 Kms away from Hampi. Hippie Island has a lot of cheaper options for stay.7) Start early morning to avoid the extreme heat in the afternoon. Most of the temple complexes open during the sunrise and close at sunset.8) Carry glares and cap to avoid sun stroke as the place is mostly sunny round the year.9) Hire a guide at if you want to know about history or significance of the place especially at Vijaya Vithalla Temple.10) Carry enough cash as there are not many ATMs.So pack your bags and go on to this adventure.Wish you all a very Happy, Hippie, Hampi!More of Hampi and Us from the archive!
Gunjan Upreti
1. Watch bears and other wildlife species in their natural habitat at Daroji Sloth Bear SanctuaryLocated about 15km from Hampi, Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary was created exclusively for the preservation of the Indian Sloth Bear.