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Next day we were up early and our friends were up even before us, I guess when it was still dark outside! Our little young friend was also awake and that day also happened to be his birthday. So all soon wished him, and with all amusement of our frequent ‘Happy Birthday’ wishes, the delighted three year old wished us back unaware of what was it so special about the day. We were served authentic homemade breakfast of a Konkani steamed rice coconut dumplings, tea and a sweet (Shira/rawa halwa) on the occasion of the toddler’s birthday.Soon we were seeing around the house and the property to have a better view in the daylight. While the indoors adored by heavy wooden doors and windows beautifully maintained, long corridors, one room opening into the other, ancestral mandir lit with oil lamps, kitchen with ancient setup and modern appliances, beautiful and well preserved metal utensils, a separate cleaning area and water storage, a custom made stove (chullah) with a huge pot on it to heat water for bathing and a backyard opening to the nature. Outdoors of the house meant areca palm trees reaching high into the sky, sound of gushing water from the waterfall, pretty little chirping birds and fog rising from the slope. We could hear the peacocks as well. We really admired the way how such an old property was maintained.
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