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Doddagaddavalli Lakshmi Devi Temple

Sonya V. Anchan
I went to opposite shrine dedicated to Vishnu. The other two shrines were of Bhutanatha (Shiva) & Laxmi Devi. I took some photos and came out and closed the door. Immediately, the temple priest came running and opened the door again. He asked me whether I saw the murtis. I replied affirmatively. I felt like going again, I went in, he explained to me that this Kali is saumya (calm) form, the ugra (angry) form is in Kolkatta. I told him I have never seen vetalas like this before. He laughed. He said the speciality of this temple is all four of them Shiva – Shakti & Vishnu – Laxmi are in same building (hence, Chatuskuta). I was happy to see such a unique, beautiful temple full of carvings. I left after 30 minutes. Next stop was Halebidu also called as Dwarasamudra or Dorasamudra.
Sonya V. Anchan
The Lakshmi Devi temple of Doddagaddavalli was further 5 kms from the main Road. It is a 12th century temple built by King Vishnuvardhana of Hoyasala Dynasty. An example of Chatuskuta (four shrined – Quadruplet) order of temples built during Hoyasala period.The door guarded by Vaishnava Dwarpalakas was closed, since it was unlocked, I gave a slight push and it opened. I don’t know why, but I got an eerie feeling, when I saw those two almost 6 feet Vetalas facing each other in the Sukhanasi area, guarding the Navranga shrine which was dedicated to Kali.
Lakshmi temple - DoddagadavalliThe turnoff to the Doddagaddavali temple is quiet easy to locate – look out for a big hoarding on your left when coming from Hassan towards Belur indicating the turnoff.
Lakshmi Devi Temple of Hoysala Architecture.