God's Own Beach

Rahul Basak
Changing our plan of ending our trek here, we decided to keep continuing, yes towards one more beach called God's Own Beach which very few people visited. What surprised us the beach is in midst of the civilisation and is accessible by road. But what sets it apart is that it resembled a lagoon. You could just walk into the water for nearly 100 meters without water going beyond your torso. A word of caution though, the route from Paradise Beach to this beach is quite confusing and most people get lost in between, so better to take help of locals for route options..As evening set in, with music ringing in our ears we headed straight back to Om beach....So deeply we were in love with the beaches and music, we decided to repeat our evening jam session by the beach and this time we chose the less crowded end of the Om Beach. Filling ourselves up with some food and a crate of beer to give us company for the night, we hummed and sang our favourite classics... Imagine, Man Who Sold The World, Hotel California, Dooba Dooba and what not!! While the night do not seem to end for us, we decide to spend the night under the twilight lying on the soft sands, gentle waves touching our feet and gazing towards the sky...Day 3:Mr. Hegde seemed to have waited for us till late last night, but he wasn't surprised to see us as he knew the place had the charm for people to get lost in its beauty. Still hung-over with last night heavy dose of music & beer, we decided to take a short nap before we had our breakfast and pack our backpacks for good 10 hours journey back to Bangalore..And with us we brought back wild honey, farm cashews, memories and a promise made to ourselves that we four are gonna travel rustic again...soon....10-15 mins from Gokarna town, this is where we stayed in Eden's HomestaySecluded beach, usually people visit for sunsetNumber of shacks and usually beach trail start pointMost famous beach in Gokarna due to its shape of 'OM'Accessible only by foot or boatTrue to its name, accessible only by foot or boatShallow water beach