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Hirekolale Lake

Havana Gowda
Hirekolale Lake, 10km away from Chikmagalur is a beautiful man-made lake in the foothills of Mullayanagiri hills built to eradicate water crisis during the 20th-century now also serves as a picnic spot and location for regional language movie shootings. The lake and the serene surroundings are definitely Instagram worthy.
Kritika Sehgal
Ended our day at the Hirekolale lake , which was again mesmerizing.
Ayushee Chaudhary
After the freshness of coffee, we decided to go a bit off-road. With Google's help, we searched for a lake and with complete uncertainty went forth through the green lanes to finally visit one of the least explored destinations of Chikamagalur town, Hirekolale Lake; a man-made reservoir located at about 10 kms from the main town. Its serene and sparkling water creates such a composed and magical atmosphere that you would just not want to leave the place.
Sounak Ghosh
Devaramane is a place that has the power to evoke spiritual introspections, a place for poets and lovers alike. One can sit on the grassy peak and while away the hours, float away in the dreamy ruminations. When we had reached Devaramane, the rain had stopped, after almost an eternity of getting lost in the intoxicating conversations and pensive thoughts, the heavens started to open up once again. I looked up to realize that dark clouds had obscured the horizon and it was threatening to drench us. We decided to leave Devaramane for our next destination, Hirekolale lake, some 46 odd kilometers away.
3.Hirekolale lake:On the way to hirekokale lake you will see people chilling out in small waterfalls .Huge Traffic chaos was seen on the way so we couldn't resist playing music and tapping our feet at the same time in the taxi.Within half an hour we reached the lake.This place can really help you quiet your mind and find serene with that cold breeze.