You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” ~Robin Williams~It had been a while since we did something on an impulse. So when we got to know about the impending extended weekend, all thanks to the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, we had to do something, go somewhere at least. Spending three days at home is not my idea of bliss; especially for me, who’s rightfully accused of having itchy feet!It was Friday evening. I was at my home, sipping tea, and watching the sun gradually sinking down the horizon from my balcony. Wise men say that a calm mind triggers noble thoughts. I was also contemplating, and this idea of exploring a new terrain struck me. “My husband and I, both love to trek, to explore the nature, and to marvel at it. Even my dog, Abacus, has similar yearnings for wilderness. So why shouldn’t we be doing the same over the weekend?,” I thought. And thenceforth, it was decided! I just had to tell my hubby about my idea of a fresh excursion, and he was as enthusiastic about the trek as I was, if not more!We were not interested in reaching out to far-flung places. We were looking for a place within 50-60 KMs from Bangalore. Among the many places nearby Bangalore, we zeroed down on Kabbaladurga hill, which is famous among the explorers for night trekking. But we decided to trek the hill under the sun and the clouds.