Neha Ballal
Everybody needs a break from their hectic schedule, so when a long weekend came our way, we decided that we'd go to a friends hometown, a village called Kalsapura, about 230 km from Bangalore.We drove out of Banglore on Saturday morning to reach the village by 1 in the noon, where google luckily lead us through an inner route making it a scenic, unpopulated route. As soon as we reached his place, we were greeted with a glass of buttermilk which quenched our thirst. We soon settled in and we could feel the difference between the interior of the local, tiled roof house to the blazing sun outside.After freshening up, we were treated to a sumptuous lunch, post which we headed out to explore the area. We first went to a temple close by, which though was built during the Hoysala regime, doesn't have tourist inflow like Halebidu or Belur.Veeranarayana temple in Belavadi: